"Many Nations, a single Country, many Peoples only one Home, Europe"

Manifesto for the European renaissance

Preamble and programmatic line of the new pan-European political movement

Europe has its roots in common, must not forget its history, should no longer delegated its destiny to others.
Europe must be the Union of its peoples as a great and strong centuries-old tree has its roots in the land, but stretches out his long arms toward the infinite sky.

"The earth is our past to defend, the sky our future win".

Europeans must mature in a true patriotic sentiment towards Europe. Over the centuries, the love of country has been increasingly expanding geographically: in ancient Greece, Rome and the Middle Ages the country was the city, the people felt for example Athenian, Roman, then Florentine, Parisian, Berliner. Subsequently, the country became the region of origin, it was Lombards, Catalans, Burgundians, Bavarians. In the nineteenth century with the emergence of nation-states were born modern forms of patriotism and became Italian, French, German, Spanish.

But all this can now be passed by the highest European patriotism. This does not mean abandoning its roots, but understand that our country has now become common in Europe. You can sublimate so our sense of patriotism in a broader local unites us in a new common feeling that overcomes language and cultural barriers, which is the natural result of our shared history over the centuries has led to clashes between us but also to integrate more and more until you reach the present situation in which, European citizens, we can move and communicate without any barrier between us. Barriers that we are finally realizing they have been for centuries the fictitious fences erected to prevent us from creating a New European Renaissance our new Homeland.

Highlights of our program:

  • energetic Autonomy of Europe, at three levels:
    1. Photovoltaic, hydro-electric for large industrial consumers;
    2. Photovoltaic, wind, hydro-electric, for construction (homes, services, etc. ...);
    3. Hydrogen and electric cars.
  • Strengthen the common diplomacy, with a real European foreign ministry with representative offices unified (see embassies, which will also make the system more efficient and cost effective), and supported by the Federal Information Service.
  • Create a only European Army within NATO could become a weight equal to the U.S., increasing global stability.
  • Unify the judicial system to create a truly European system of federal courts.
  • Creating a truly European Federal Police, which has jurisdiction throughout the Union. (E.B.I. = European Bureau of Investigation).
  • Creating a truly European border police force that can be monitored regularly, by appropriate means, the long borders, especially along the southern coasts of the Mediterranean. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
  • Create the Federal Senate of European Regions. In addition, some members of the European Parliament will be elected in lists supranational.
  • Creating the conditions for genuine economic integration of national markets into a single european structure that goes beyond the single financial integration.
  • Introduce the Eurobond, on which model of the Euro money, gradually replacing the emissions of domestic securities. Distributing the funds raised in part in percentage depending on the economic importance of each member state, in part as federal investment fund managed by the Union.
  • Promote a growing political and social integration that the various political organizations and unions to evolve from domestic parties united in the European federations to real entities that act on the European territory with national branches.
  • Valuing European symbols like the Flag and the European Anthem, set up a real Feast to celebrate the European Homeland as holidays in all European Union countries.

The program points you just read is only the beginning of our project just started and still under construction.
We aim to create a movement rooted in the territory, able to influence government decisions, from local to national, to arrive at the birth of a true European Federal State.

We ask for your contribution. Send us your suggestions and discuss together.

We are looking for willing people, who believe in our ideals and want to build the Future of Europe with us.


Us to grow, we need you.

Europe, to grow, it needs you!

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